Télécharger Firmware Gigabyte GN-BR01G 1.16E

pour Réseau / systèmes d'exploitation : Tous systèmes

Constructeur Gigabyte
Modèle GN-BR01G
Version 1.16E
Type Firmware
Matériel Réseau
Système d'exploitation Tous systèmes
Téléchargement lien de téléchargement GN-BR01G
Date de sortie chez le constructeur 2005-05-26
Date de parution chez pilotes-drivers.com 2008-08-19
Systèmes d'exploitation supportés pas lié au système d´exploitation
Conseils du constructeur The AirCruiser G Router is a smart choice for first-time wireless users, offering a complete range of wireless networking features that are ideally suited for smaller office and home environments. The GNBR01G is fully compliant with 802.11b and 802.11g specifications so it accommodates wireless client connectivity with either wireless network technology. It comes equipped with four 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN ports that are auto-sensing and auto-MDIX, allowing the switch to automatically detect and configure the cable type connected to the port. To manage these connections the GN-BR01G has a built-in DHCP server to auto-assign IP addresses, plus SmartDHCP Technology exclusively from GIGABYTE ensures that the devices on your network will never be assigned a duplicate address. The GN-BR01G supports several wireless security options including WEP encryption (64/128-bit), 802.1x Authentication and the wireless industry standard Wi-Fi Protected Access™ (WPA). By employing the highest available wireless security measures, the AirCruiser G Router provides peace of mind that all wireless data and communication are protected. With GIGABYTE’s AirCruiser G Router deployed in your home or office network, you’ll be able to enjoy sharing a broadband Internet connection over a secure wireless network within minutes courtesy of the pre-loaded SmartSetup 3 router configuration software – and all up to 5 times faster than a 802.11b wireless LAN!
Informations du constructeur
  • Release Date: 05/26/2005
  • Produits supportés
  • Release Date: 2006/10/19
  • Add MTU option to PPPoE configuration
  • Fix dial on demand bug
  • Informations supplémentaires Manuel
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